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“A promise or pledge” to this group and its purposes. We are committed (loyal) to each other and to our business purpose of providing superior service to our customers. This promise cannot be passive; it can only be expressed and honored through action. Thus, our commitment mandates that we are loyal to each other and to our goals and active in our efforts to achieve those goals.


Active support or representation of our customers and each other. In order to successfully support, we must understand. Thus, we must invest time and effort in understanding the needs of our customers and the groups and individuals within AgreeYa. Advocacy requires action. Again, we cannot be passive or reactive and satisfy this goal.


To show regard or consideration for others. Respect opens the door to engagement, to establishing relationships that can grow and become strong. To carefully consider the needs and feelings of another person takes an investment of time and effort.


Superiority – to be the best, individually, and as the AgreeYa team. Excellence compared to our competitors. To excel as a team, we all need to strive for excellence as individuals. AgreeYa’s achievements are the sum of our individual successes, and our individual excellence. AgreeYa supports this quest for excellence.

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