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“Client’s Satisfaction” The two words figure up what we at Mansa continuously aim to achieve and excel at. The defining quality that sets us separately from everyone in the industry is the limitless passion that we have towards our work and our impeccable work record that speaks for itself and is resonated in the industry we cater to. For us, every new client or a project is a challenge as well as an opportunity to redefine our limits of excellence. An ongoing endeavor to bring about commendable changes in the industry has made us the Leaders that we are today.
A 360 degree approach in providing solutions has always been our forte coupled with the vast experience of our team makes us the right choice for business.

We have the right mix of skills in terms of expertise across the domains. With time and experience we have come to the realization that the process should not take over the principle. Therefore we make sure that each department communicates cohesively with the other and creates synchronizations in order to deliver the right quality services within the set deadline. Although, Mansa started its journey as an artistic unit, but within a short extent of time we deliver successful web based applications to our clients along with online promotions, and thus create correct platform to client. When it comes to providing excellent User interface or experience, scalable and robust web based applications, or Search engine rankings with social media optimization, our clients and portfolio stand strong, vouching for our capabilities as a past master in this arena. Our client-base includes reputed corporates to small and medium size companies. We have been instrumental in providing excellent solutions to various start up’s and individuals as well. Mansa is all about customer delight and entrepreneurial spirit. We are in constant pursuit of delighting our customers by providing the highest degree of business value and transforming the way software is conceived, built, and used in our client communities. Take a look at reported software project failure rates and you will see why our mission is to deliver along a new paradigm focused on success. We consistently follow a simple and transparent approach to delivering solutions, using lightweight, adaptive, and practical techniques and processes focused purely on business value. We deliver early and often so we can benchmark and calibrate on a consistent basis. This allows us to adapt along with our clients while we both keep the larger goal at hand and within reach.


To revolutionize how the world engages with sharing information together.


At Image Online, the pursuit of ideas are a passion with us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are borne out of workaday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to a business situation. Ideas that work!! To continually come up with winning ideas in web designing and web development for our customers, without losing sight of changing technology and industry scenario is our aim. To set new standards in online communication and service is our strength. To usher our customers into an age, where the thin line between real world personal contact and online connectivity and digital convenience will disappear, is our vision for the future.


Application Development